The cool days of autumn are beginning to chill the nights in K'aznar. Temperatures dropping to the low forties at night are normal and the days are barely reaching above sixty. The winter winds are beginning to nip and frost can sometimes be found in the early morning.

autumn — mating season
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SEPT 22ND — Good afternoon Empyreal! As you can tell we went through a little change quite quickly! While the finishing touches are being put underway, we hope that you all can get a little acquainted with our new layout. Important links are located above on the link bar with packs located on the closable sidebar. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! A new site wide plot will beginning with the close of the leadership ceremonies! We cannot wait to see what the new leaders of the packs have in store nor can we wait to see whom will reign victorious in the Warlord Tournament or who will side with who on the debates in the High Shaman Coronation. We would also like to welcome all of the new members that have arrived! We cannot wait to see all of your stories unfold!
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The general overview on what you need to know to play your character here, the guidebook is that place to go if you have any questions or sources to answers. It has everything from the day to day life in Empyreal to what your character should look like ─ and what you need to fill out on his or her profile to be accepted.
Once you have completed your character's profile with at least seven points or sentences in each appearance and personality, please create a thread to let us know to look it over! Once you have been accepted, we'll assign you to the right pack (or loner if you prefer) and you'll be ready to post!
All threads created within this forum are considered to be used to build in character plots between characters. Due to the history of the site, you are more than welcome to create characters that have lived here for awhile and thus have pre-built relationships with characters across the site! You are also more than welcome to bring characters from outside the lands coming in.
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Dyeus Forest
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Halcyon Ridge
more information coming.
Tenuis Vale
the swollen vale is lush with vegetation that rises and falls with the valley walls. Tall mountains of solid rock rise and fall on either side of the large opening that welcomes visitors and adventurers alike. the grass underfoot is soft, welcoming those who have had hard trials and those with the lofty reigns of royalty. leaders from both the coalition and the tribe offer those who wish a choice into their packs to those that wander here with rogue or vagrant tendencies. the landscape offers prey to those who are hungry, shelter in caves that dot the side to those who are injured or weak and water in the bubbling streams that sing through the countryside. the skies here are almost never cloudy, always a ray of sunshine even through the dense winter months. snows with blanket the ground with each blade of grass becoming frozen. the winds seem warm however, touching the skin even beneath thick winter pelts. the vale has a sense of security that not many other places do.
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The out of character forum is the general chat for all things without relation to Empyreal. Please note that the art studios are located inside as well as the maintenance threads to update your character. You can also find the gameroom that has fun little games to play if you're waiting for a reply as well as staff run ones!
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